New Radionics Fourm

Sorynzar, friend and regular commenter here at Aetheric Arts, has created a new radionics  forum as part of his Berkana Path blog.

So far, the forum has categories for Radionics and Meditation (as well as general and introductory sections) and some pretty amazing discussions are already begining there.

Frankly, it’s about time there was a good quality radionics discussion group that is not affiliated with a commercial business.

Sorynzar has told me he’ll keep a light hand on moderation, so all kinds of views and opinions are welcome. Please come over and enjoy wide-ranging and open discussions on radionics, psionics, and related fields. Hopefully we’ll get a group of sincere and intelligent radionics practitioners and researchers to share their ideas and projects.


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One Response to New Radionics Fourm

  1. Sorynzar says:

    Thank you for linking Sir. Hopefully, we can develop the forum to an extent where we can share our ideas, research and current projects with a view to developing new and groundbreaking devices, and theories which even the CIA department of science and technology would struggle to come up with.

    Everyone is welcome on the forum, over time new categories will be added to facilitate various discussions, and of course I will not rule with an iron fist unlike some moderators. Just a few basic rules, such as respecting one and other, no name calling etc. fell free to drop by and sign up to the forum. I hope to talk to you all soon.

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