Shortwave Oscilloclast

EMF Shortwave Oscilloclast

I’ve just purchased an antique Shortwave Oscilloclast on eBay. This device was developed by the Electronic Medical Foundation (EMF) of San Francisco in the 1940s. The EMF was the organization created by Dr. Albert Abrams to carry on his work (shortly before he died in 1924) and he left a substantial endowment in his will to fund their radionic research.

The Shortwave Oscilloclast was an “automated” radionics device, in that it used preset vibration rates tuned to specific frequencies for treatment. It’s a combination device, which transmits shortwave radio signals modulated by audio frequency waveforms, and also comes with “depolarizer” units that produce powerful electromagnetic waves.

The instruction manual describes using “electronic blood tests” to determine the correct treatment settings, probably by the use of the Abrams Dynamizer (the Dynamizer was a kind of free-standing witness well – in fact it’s the forerunner of the witness wells and platforms used in many radionics devices today.) I will be looking into using the Hieronymus Machine for analysis in place of the Dynamizer (or I may just have to build myself a Dynamizer!)

According to the seller, the unit is functional, but we’ll wait and see how functional it really is! It’s a vacuum tube device, so it may be in need of a tube replacement. I can only hope that the tubes are still available!

Update: I received the Shortwave Oscilloclast, and it seems to  be fully functional.

Update 2: More articles about this machine here and here.


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9 Responses to Shortwave Oscilloclast

  1. Sorynzar says:

    My god that was a lucky find, did you manifest it 🙂 Will you reverse engineer it, I am sure some of the technolgoy form then could be utilised in electronic medicine today. using modulated radio signals and powerful electromagnetic output would surely create a much more substantial healing effect than modern devices, which just tune into a signal?

  2. josephmax says:

    My god that was a lucky find, did you manifest it 🙂

    Well, I have been doing manifestation works to help locate hard-to-find parts, but I didn’t expect a “part” to include a functional Oscilloclast!

    I’m going to try to get it fully up to spec. If I end up with a working Oscilloclast, I’ll probably revamp the one I’ve been working on to be more like a Reflexophone controller, and use in in conjunction with the Oscilloclast. I may have to make a Dynamizer! (The forerunner of the witness well.) A Relexophone is really just a decade resistance box, but I’ve already installed the coils and crystals in the box, I just haven’t done the radio and audio circuits that are in the Oscilloclast. So it will work with antennas, or probes on the outputs, and will connect to a stick pad – it’s not using a “phone”, the part of the Reflexophone system that looks like a tiny conga drum. Maybe I’ll change its name to “Reflexatron” for use with the external stick pad instead.

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  4. Rick Willbur says:

    Dear Sir,
    The first Oscillocast I found was on Ebay about two years ago, the 2nd one I found was from a guy who was selling quack medical equipment a week ago. I have restored both of them and they work very well. I have been looking very hard for a Oscillocast instruction book, I would love to have a copy of yours for my units, would you be willing to make scans of the book or mail me a copy? I have two small books that talk about the Oscillocast that I would scan or copy for you if you would like them: “Molecular Radiations” 1928 by Thomas Colson and “Electronics Defined” 1938? by Thomas Colson, both were published by the Electronic Medical Foundation.
    From what I have read only 10,000 Oscillocasts were ever made, for rental only. The FDA destroyed all the ones they could get their hands on, so there are very few left to collect, finding just one is like wining the lottery, finding two of them is just too good to be true.

    • josephmax says:

      No need to send scans, I found the instruction book on the Web:

      Now, this is the manual specifically for the Shortwave Oscilloclast, like the one in this article.

      There’s more printed materials, and some Oscilloclast rates, found here:

      Congratulations on finding two! They are getting increasingly rare, as collectors (like us) find them and effectively take them off the market. I saw a copy of the FDA order and it seems to make selling even a used one supposedly “illegal” and recommends anyone with an Oscilloclast to either destroy it, render it inoperable and/or turn it over to the FDA. It’s the same orders they issue for anything they ban, like the “Relax-o-Cizor” from the 1950s-60s that was recently featured on the TV series “Mad Men”.

      “In recent weeks, FDA has supplied posters to all post offices warning against use of the devices. In its warning today to both sellers and prospective purchasers of the devices, the FDA said such sales are in violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the devices are subject to seizure. The agency recommended that owners of the device either destroy them or render them inoperable to avoid any possibility of harm to unsuspecting users.”

      But I’d love to have copies of your pamphlets, if yu could scan them and send to the e-mail address in the link to my comments. Thanks!

  5. Dennis Cumin says:

    Great, can you tell if a carrier wave is used with the freq? The photo’s look great, hope it works! I would like to here more about the unit?
    Thank You
    D. Cumin

    • josephmax says:

      It does work, though not fully to spec. It needs to be taken apart and cleaned, and the neon indicator bulb needs to be replaced (it works, but is very dim.) The AC pulse to the magnetic treatment pads is occasionally intermittent, so the switching “tick-tock” needs to be cleaned. The timer doesn’t work, but might be salvageable (the clockwork is probably filled with 60 years of gunk.)

      The “4000-4300 kc” (4.0-4.3 mHz) is the carrier wave frequency. I’ve tuned it in with a shortwave (marine) radio. (In fact, it’s a very unfiltered signal, which spills over into many harmonic bands.) It’s broadcasting a pulse wave “buzz” which sounds like 60Hz (and harmonics) to me. In other words, it’s broadcasting the “ground hum” you get when touching the tip of an audio cable plugged into an amp. In a simple circuit like the SWO has, that’s an easy way to derive an “audio sound” for transmitting. The manual refers to “radio plus audio” in the signal, so I’m assuming they’re talking about the carrier and the audio (AM) modulation. The magnetic pads also cycle at 60 Hz, so all the outputs are in “harmony”, so to speak.

      In my research on the Oscilloclast variations, I’ve found diagrams of units with Dynamizers (witness/reagent wells) and how they’re wired, so I’m going to add that function to it, which enables treatment at a distance according to Abrams’ writings. (I can do it without changing the box and spoiling the unit as a collector’s item.) I’m also working on making a Reflexophone for analysis, which will give me the whole “Abrams Diagnostic Set”.

      Any other questions, feel free to ask.

  6. Avi says:

    I have one i want sale. its in good was my wife father.

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