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The SuperSensonic Magnetron

I just acquired a bit of radionic history, a symbolic Magnetron from the 1970s. The Magnetron is a classic psionic pattern device, meant to be used with a dowsing pendulum. The pendulum is not only for scanning, but can also … Continue reading

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Tepaphone – The Magickal Death Ray

The Tepaphone (Deutsch: Tepaphon) has an interesting place in occult lore. It is supposedly the most powerful magical weapon ever created, a combination of weird science and black magic, capable of killing it’s target at any distance. A Tepaphone is … Continue reading


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The First Radionics Machine?

It’s 34cm wide and 29cm high, made of copper and brass. It was built in 13th century Damascus and signed by Muhammad ibn Khutlukh al-Mawsili. The inscription on the front reads: “I am the revealer of secrets; in me are … Continue reading

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