The First Radionics Machine?

Geomancy Machine 2

It’s 34cm wide and 29cm high, made of copper and brass. It was built in 13th century Damascus and signed by Muhammad ibn Khutlukh al-Mawsili. The inscription on the front reads: “I am the revealer of secrets; in me are marvels of wisdom, and strange and hidden things.” It currently resides in Room 34 of the British Museum in London, part of the “Islamic World” collection.

Could this intricate mechanical device be considered a radionics machine, built before the idea of radionics even had a name?

The symbols on the dials are the figures of Geomancy, an ancient form of divination. As the Museum catalog describes it:

This unique instrument ‘calculates’ patterns of dots with different ascribed meanings, related to the planets, four elements, the signs of the zodiac and parts of the body. Many scholars have written about geomantic divination, but there are no references to an instrument such as this. […] The rectangular tablet features a series of sixteen dials, each turning to display a domino-like pattern in the small window above.

No instruction manual exists for this device, but the scholars at the BM speculate that it was used for “fortune telling”, describing how a “customer or the geomancer turns the first series of four dials, creating four dot patterns for interpretation. From these four, the geomancer then derives a further twelve patterns, using the following dials to record each stage. The semi-circular panel at the bottom provides ‘meanings’ for the final derived pattern, and the customer receives an answer to his question.”

I think there’s a lot of assumptions built into that description. First of all, Geomancy is much like reading Tarot cards, or even more like using the I Ching. The patterns are arrived at by some kind of sortilege, like the shuffling of cards or the casting of coins. Just “turning the dials” wouldn’t make any sense as a system of divination. There has to be some kind of “random element” involved. Unless the idea was to spin the dials like roulette wheels, there must have been another purpose.

It could simply be a “geomancy calculator”, something a geomancer would use to make calculations of the patterns from a reading, instead of drawing or writing notes.

Or, it could be a device to perform geomancy in reverse. In other words, instead of predicting the future, it is a device to influence the future. The dials are set according to what events, outcomes or influences the operator wants to manifest. It could have quite logically been meant to be used for all these tasks.

And if this is the case, is that not an exact description of what a radionics device is?

Nothing is known of Khutlukh, his name appears in no records or on other works of art. The brass work is like that seen in Arabic astrolabes, so that may have been his regular trade. We can’t even be sure if he used the device himself or made it to the order of someone else. But I like to think of this device as the first example of using the techniques of “aetheric art” that evolved into what we call radionics today.

So hail and salaam to Muhammad ibn Khutlukh al-Mawsili ( رضي الله عنه -“May God be pleased with him”) and his kin – quite possibly the inventor of radionics!

New hi-def photographs of the device at Wikimedia:

Geomantic Device.


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15 Responses to The First Radionics Machine?

  1. Sorynzar says:

    It does look a lot like a radionics machine. Since the use of electricity was not likely known about in the 13th Century, it’s unlikely that there are potentiometers/variable caps and wires inside, although that would be amazing if there was something along those lines. I guess there is no way of knowing unless a curator was present. It is quite possibly the first example of a potential radionics device.

  2. josephmax says:

    The dials are simply mounted on disks that rotate the different geomantic figures into the little windows. According to other sources I’ve read, the large semi-circular display contains the names and definitions of each figure, kind of a reference “lookup” area. The curved slots with pointers in the upper right seem to be counters of some kind.

    But, the combination of brass, copper and possibly zinc in the construction means that the device is possibly going to generate electromagnetic fields (and eloptic emanations) when being dialed.

    Geomancy is kind of the “I Ching of the West”, in that it uses a basic set of geometric figures that combine and derive from each other into meta-patterns. I recommend “The Art and Practice of Geomancy” by John Michael Greer for anyone who’s interested in studying the subject.

    Like any other geometric magic, e.g. sigils or talismanic seals, it should be possible to use it for manifestation of magical intent.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to build a reproduction of this fascinating device? (With electromagnetic enhancements?)

  3. Sorynzar says:

    It would be fun, a faithful reproduction to start, so that it could be tested, then maybe modify it? Perhaps the British Museum might cooperate if you told them you planned to create a working reproduction for “scientific purposes”?

  4. Jiri says:

    Yep, a nice machine indeed, but if it should be considered a ‘black box’or should I rather say ‘brass box’ then no new modern potentiometers nor anthing of this kind of upgrade will enhance its effect as radionics as such has nothing to do potentiometers and works outside of the known EM spectrum as we know it… I have used just a drawing of a radionic instument and have the same results as I would with a ‘black box’ ..if you want it to work then it will work in it original design just as well

  5. josephmax says:

    Welcome to the blog! I can tell you’re from the Cosimano school of psionic theory.

    Never would I disparage the work of my dear friend Uncle Chuckie, but there are different schools of thought about this.

    Radionic emanations are certainly not part of the electromagnetic spectrum. But according to the theories of Drown, Hieronymus and Kelly, these emanations can use electromagnetism (both photon and electron waves) as a conduit, in the manner of using carrier waves in radio technology.

    That’s why even people working with purely symbolic devices, like magnetrons, will still align them with the earth’s magnetic field. It’s a very common practice. And the reason why is that aetheric emanations tend to propagate along our planet’s magnetic fields, so it’s more effective to work with them than across them. Think of it like riding the wind, or going with the flow of the river instead of fighting against it.

    Hieronymus was convinced that Campbell was wrong about symbolic machines being every bit as effective as correctly built circuitry devices. He was open to the idea of scanning for conditions with symbolic machines, but he believed that to transmit manifestation it’s a great advantage to use active circuitry that propagates electromagnetism in the VHF/UHF and shortwave bands. Hieronymus was a PhD – EE – he had no illusions that what is being transmitted has anything to do with radio waves, except that radio waves serve to “conduct” it, as do certain materials like electrically conductive metals, pyrex glass, optical glass, polycarbonate plastics, and quartz crystal. Certain other materials insulate it, like vinyl plastics, bakelite and dry wood.

    See the blog entry here: “Radionics, Psionics and Who Needs Wires, Anyway?”.

  6. John Nauss says:

    This device is really a geomantic calculator. It provides answers to questions much like a tarot deck would do, and it could double as a radionic device namely one without electricity therefore a passive device which takes hours to days to work. It would also give the geomancer the added edge of having a ”device” make the calculations therefore his input wold be seen as minimal, I am a radionics practitioner/teacher and so many refer to the device I use as being the source, which is not the truth about ANY radionic device. The device does not heal but provides a focal point for both practitioner and client and has to do with relationships, position, and influence. It gives our left brain something to do whilst accessing the right brain which is the source and the area where our lives and all therein emerges. As a template, it serves to help us understand why we have distortions or frequencies to read or add to create unity or healing. All radionic devices work, they are merely left brain creations. The real skill is in the practitioner and in fact, we do not need any devices. That said, the device will help train the mind of the practitioner to help facilitate healing. The actual healing or connection to unity has already happened in the right brain, or the subconsciousness levels. At those quantum levels, the more we balance ourselves via alignment to perfection (unity), the more we allow our life force to flow and not be burned up in every day stresses. In this way Radionics becomes transformation, both for client and healer. The Sufi oriented gentleman who did the geomantic device here would know that, although he would use other words. All radionic devices are merely depictions of the practitioners own psyche and a symbolic template from which to view the universe, hidden and not hidden.

    • josephmax says:

      Hi John,

      You seem to be saying that essentially, all radionics devices are only symbolic “talismans”, so to speak, and all the power actually resides in the user. But on the other hand, you also say that a radionic device without electricity (passive) takes longer (hours or days) to work, compared to a powered (active) device. These points seem to contradict each other. If all radionics devices are “only” symbols and all power comes from the user, than why should it matter if there’s electricity involved or not?

      Actually, I agree with your first statement – there *is* a difference. An active device is more effective. A device with properly arranged “paths” for aetheric emanations to follow – e.g.wires, components, prisms and/or crystals – is more effective than an empty box with dials on the outside.

      I’m experienced with many traditional (and non-traditional) forms of magick, and I’ve used all kinds of methods – Goetia, Enochian, Sigil Magick, etc. I’m an Adept of a Golden Dawn Lodge and have worked with Tarot for forty years. I can work Magick “bare-handed”, so to speak. But there’s something MORE in using properly designed Radionics devices, which is why I became so interested in them – that, and I’m a techno-geek by nature. *grin*

      Devices based on certain design structures – like the Hieronymus or De La Warr-based systems – have something that enhances my abilities. I agree with Dr. Hieronymus, that the right kind of powered circuits are MORE than just another form of symbolic magick.

      My Golden Dawn studies included Geomancy, and while I’m not an expert I’m somewhat familiar with the system. If this brass device is just a means to “dial up” geomantic symbols and generate a shield chart , it’s no different than if the dials had Tarot Trumps on them instead of geomancy figures. In that sense it would only be a “notepad”. And that’s useful enough, I suppose (especially if you want to impress clients.) But I’m speculating that perhaps it could have been used to “dial up” desired outcomes, rather than just a device for figuring out derived geomantic figures from a reading. It’s like using Tarot for “spellcasting” – you purposefully arrange and lay out a spread showing how you would WANT the future to be, in order to influence that future. So *if* it had occurred to the brass device’s previous owner to use it to influence the future, *then* it would be functionally no different in intent than a modern radionic device. (Especially since it has DIALS!)

  7. John Nauss says:

    It was nice to read your comments and to meet someone who has a conscious background into the esoteric side of it all. As for the non-electric vs. the electric fired radionic device, what I meant was that it really did not matter. I only mentioned the time because the usual practice with the passive device is based on being broadcast to for a certain length of time. Whereas the electric fired device is viewed as being a sped up version of the symbols. In other words, our left brain can allow the belief that electricity animates everything and makes it work faster. Think of a blender vs. a mortar and pestle. Our acceptance of matter, Deepak Chopra and other Indian spiritual teachers refer to it as being ”addicted” to the superstition materialism or matter. So I was attempting to reflect the general belief that goes with electricity.

    Actually the radionic device that I modified and David Tansley actually made has a built in orgone generator. The electricity, 9 volts, drives the wave form, colour generator and the interrupter. No electricity passes to the client, just orgone energy and any other ”energy” that comes up with the rates, and cards. I added an extra wide card slot reader and the colour indigo and changed the layout of the interior, created computer circuits, increased the size of the homeopathic replicator so you can accommodate a mother source. Plus it can be run by battery or on the mains. It is a very quiet and focused device.

    Sorry, I got side tracked. Thank you again. I would like to stay in touch if you have another e-mail.



    Tad Mann considers it a radionic device too.

  8. Sorynzar says:

    “Actually the radionic device that I modified and David Tansley actually made has a built in orgone generator. The electricity, 9 volts, drives the wave form, colour generator and the interrupter. No electricity passes to the client, just orgone energy and any other ”energy” that comes up with the rates, and cards. I added an extra wide card slot reader and the colour indigo and changed the layout of the interior, created computer circuits, increased the size of the homeopathic replicator so you can accommodate a mother source.”

    Sounds like an Odic disk in some respects, with the use of colour as an orgone or eloptic generator. From you statement I assume that you are essentially generating an orgone output by using Orgonite matrix material, and a pulsed coil, much in the same way other manufacturers do. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  9. John Nauss says:

    That would be accurate. However, Tansley was the first to create and market a radionic device with an orgone generator in it since 1983 if not before. Tansley was already in resistance to the manufacture and selling of devices well before that. His book called Radionics: Science of Magic was the first to challenge the then current models of radionics which was bound by devices. The Tansley ML field scanner did not have an orgone generator at first because of the belief that you could not have electricity and orgone works in the same locale, ie., in the box as it would create DOR. I have the earliest one I bought in 1983/84. We had an office break in and that one was stolen a couple years later. However, I was also experimenting with orgone generators and radionic devices also by 1982. I believe a Mr. Karl Weltz in New Zealand features orgone radionic devices. It a most powerful and simplistic way to go. As you mentioned, to-day it is common place. We used to use Rae instruments which would take up to 10 minutes to make a remedy, for example. With the addition of an orgone generator, the time was reduced to 15 seconds! You can see how this would have been astonishing. My device from David Tansley was the third one he made, one for himself and another for an MD in South Africa whose name escapes me as I only met him once at the 1986 Tansley Intensives along with 65 others, I might add!! It was all very new and daring what is taken for granted to-day.

    I have always maintained a sense of history which is being conscious about what went before. Our system we live in here on the planet lacks memory which is why we continue to make mistakes and create havoc later on. For example the current day Japanese experience of building nuclear power plants on top of volcanoes and lulling people into thinking that it is safe, purely for profit. The human ego always seems to believe that we are immune to the mistakes of the past and it will never go wrong. Of course, history bears out otherwise. Saying that the power plants are ”safe” until they are hit by an earthquake, or the like, is like saying its okay to steal and thieve until you get caught. Honestly a bit of a daft risk if you ask me and an example of blindness to reason and against history. Japan could easily have used geothermal energy like Iceland which would be far better for the planet, and experts and scientists have always known it. The decision to do such things are not in the hands of scientists, but politicians and business people who look out after the good of all….ha. Such are rascals that we choose to live with on planet earth.

    In nature, the cell works as an orgone device and also has a DC current. This is the way Tansley started to view it. If it is found working in nature, then one can model it. The key was proper insulation and amount/force and type of electricity present. As I said before the DC current drives the generators, not the orgone, much like the micro tubules work in our body cells. It creates a very quiet device yet active and models the human heart in which there is a combination of orgone and electricity working together.

    I am starting to teach some courses on this here in Canada in the ensuing months, on esoteric-radionics which I have been quietly doing since the mid 1980’s. Tansley died in 1988 and I was poised to create a school with him and take off a lot of pressure he was under ,but he had other plans. Does that make sense?

    • josephmax says:

      I’m curious about the legal situation in Canada regarding radionics. Peter Kelly used to teach such courses in the USA until he got “visited” by the suits from the Food & Drug Administration. Kelly Research used to distribute the Eloptic Medical Manual by T. Galen and Sarah Hieronymus and similar materials until Peter was (*ahem*) informed that his work was encroaching on things that were the rightful property of the mainstream medical profession (like “healing” and “treating” humans). So Peter stopped teaching and all the original Kelly manuals went into the landfill. I’m quite sure other manufacturers got similar treatment. Almost all Hieronymus machines being made today are chock-a-block with disclaimers with the words “FOR AGRICULTURAL USE ONLY!” stamped all over them.

      Manufacturers like Welz, with his “Amway” style distributor model (just one example of many) get around it all, I think, by coming off as barking mad New Age loons. (They might *be* New Age loons, or it might just be a pose, but no matter, it protects them.) If you sell your stuff as a means to win lotteries, pick up hot chicks, travel in time and talk to your dead grandma, the FDA and AMA aren’t going to bother persecuting you. Chuck Cosimano does much the same – who’s going to go after a guy who makes Death Ray helmets?

      Personally, I’m not a big user of orgonite materials. I’ve incorporated orgonite into a few devices, but it’s no substitute for Reich-designed accumulators. I’m sure Tansley never used orgonite.

      • John Nauss says:

        I do not like the organite materials to be used in a radionics device as it seems to have a different function. Locally there is a chap who makes orgone devices and organite as it seems to be called. I experimented with that back in the early 80’s and found it to be rather sluggish for my needs amongst other factors and dropped the idea. Some of the devices of the day use organite material but I think it does not work so well as an actual accumulator as I think the layers and space are important. Years back one of my students tried organite material and found the energy of it congesting. He did though find a use for it as a passive device when you located them at different points on the earth and they acted much like a crystal. He ended up having a small one made of pure rosewood in the shape of a flat pen which was very efficient. We used to sell like devices from the office as energy stimulator with acupuncture points. I made up 3 of the small generators and he delivered them to my then technician. When he came back I was high as a kite as during traffic he was stimulating his stress points on his forehead and on of the neck etc., which made him instantly giddy. We had to help him earth which took a few moments but it was a powerful testimony how such a small device would work.

        Here in Canada it is ok to do radionics. There are many practitioners around and they are left alone because they do not make any waves for the medics to even bother with. In fact, what a lot of them do is compliment medicine. MD’s are allowed to practice natural medicine here by law although the college may try and take exception because they were forced into it by law and not of their own volition Plus this is Canada in which we bacame a nation through negotiation, not conflict. The US has a different way of thinking and is more paranoid that others are out to get them. That way of thinking is not so much here although in recent years we have had a Prime Minister that wants us to be like the US and there is resistance growing around that. Historically Canadians are polite and peace loving hence their international role. A role that until recently has been degraded by the Prime Minister in general which has got our troops in trouble. You just can’t take a peace keeping attitude of the armed forces and turn it into nationalistic aggression that we see in the US. Canadians do not like that.
        So we stay watchfully and mindfully aware as much as we can. For example, recently Health Canada has tried to adopt FDA methods of enforcing standards on vitamins. They have got themselves in trouble not just over a human rights issue, but how they test vitamins. The legislation is trying to say Vitamin C, for example, is the same as a drug like aspirin and therefore needs to be ”proven” and subject to rigorous testing. To do that, the study has to be designed in such a way as to have the control group take NO vitamin C. When you do that, people die rather quickly because it is a vitamin. Plus there is the situation with added vitamins being too high for the law they just passed. SO they are stuck for the moment, not admitting it of course.

        As Canadians we are protected by the Charter of Rights which is different than your bill of Rights which politicians are careful around.




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  11. kare says:

    Thank you

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