Using the Orgone Wand-Pendulum

Dr. Reich with the orgone wand array

Orgone crystal wands can be used to augment any other direct energy work or healing practice. The same principles of intention and focus apply. The wand continuously converts dead (negative) orgone radiation (aka DOR) to live orgone (positive), and it collects or attracts large amounts of this energy.

Best practice is to store your wand where it can gather orgone while not in use. Near a living plant is excellent, since orgone is generated by living things. Avoid storing it near electrical wiring or devices, or anything that generates a magnetic field.


– As a dowsing pendulum – use in the same way as you would a typical pendulum of metal or crystal. Since I’ve already admitted that I’m hardly an expert on pendulum dowsing, I refer my readers to an excellent website that describes the practice in great detail:

– As a energy directing device, for performing banishings, chargings, etc. Use it anywhere one would use a dagger or athame in magickal work.

– To speed healing, use your orgone crystal wand by moving it along the site of an injury on your body. The orgone crystal wand is directional so aim the pointy end at the injury.

– To charge an object (crystal, talisman, etc.) with positive orgone energy, suspend it by the chain so that it points directly at the object. Leave it this way for an hour or longer.


1. Feel one end of the wand with the palm of any one of your hands. To feel the life energy, hold the palm about one inch from the end of the wand.
2. Point the wand to the wrist of the hand, again one inch away.
3. Hold your fingers in front of the wand, one by one.
4. Point the wand toward the area of the forehead that is in the center between the eyes, one inch away.
5. Do the same thing with any other area of your body.

The feeling that you get is your individual experience. Some persons feel a tingling. Others feel a slight cool breeze. Most persons feel a gentle warmth. What you feel depends very much on what group of nerve endings respond first. The person who is kinetically oriented responds with a feeling of a tingling or breeze while the visually oriented person feels warmth.


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  1. Luis C Montes says:

    Muchas gracias me encanta mucho la radiestesia pero el pendulo no me funciona tengo algunos de cristal de cuarzo de metal pero no estoy vencido sigo buscando tambien estoy construyeno cajas radionicas sigo en la batalla

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