My One Dial Radionics Machine

Here’s the ultimate in simplicity – a one-dial resistance device that I’ve built with my Reiki teacher in mind.

The goal was to create a simple device that a healing touch practitioner can use in his or her work, as well as for general purpose radionic analysis and transmission. The box is simple, but the target-touch plate is complex.

The two brass contact points on the sides are connected to a bifilar coil-wrapped crystal with a long, ‘mobius twist’ tail of magnet wire, which is then wound in a clockwise (as seen from above) spiral pattern, and attached to the potentiometer. The other leads of the pot are connected to the target plate. The crystal is suspended directly beneath the plate, with the terminal point facing upward.

Choku-rei symbol

The plate itself is made from three layers of brass and mica, held together by thin rings of cyanoacrylate glue around the edges, so the metal and mica make contact – a standard condenser plate design consisting of conductive and non-conductive layers. Beneath the top metal plate is a dual four-turn (eight wire) coil in the shape of the Reiki power symbol, Choku-rei. The symbol is used for increasing the power of Reiki by drawing energy from the immediate area and focusing it where it is needed, as well as clearing negative energies and providing spiritual protection.. In this way it functions very similarly to an orgone generator, which converts dead orgone radiation (DOR) to living energy.

After discussions with my Reiki Master, we’ve come up with a few applications.

To use with Reiki work, have the client grasp the box with their thumb and index finger touching the brass contacts; these serve as the witness/trend inputs. The operator, while focusing their healing power toward the client, then uses the plate either as a rubbing pad or as the focus point of a pendulum, and tunes the dial back and forth slowly until a reaction is obtained. The device is now tuned and transmitting, so it’s placed nearby the client while the Reiki is performed. When finished, the dial is rest to zero and the device is cleared by waving a magnet over it for several seconds.

After some experimentation, I’ll report back with an update.

Now, on to the building of the Six-Dial Machine!

Update: I’m installing connection jacks into the ends to allow the use of a headband or wrist straps as alternatives to the brass contact points, to allow hands-free operation.

Update 2: By request, here is the wiring diagram:


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5 Responses to My One Dial Radionics Machine

  1. TheVisitorV says:

    what’s inside?

    can you show us the schematics?

  2. Justin Schmoyer says:

    Do you sell these? I would pay for one!!! Please let me know

    • josephmax says:

      Since you mention it, I’ve been getting requests about making devices for hire. I’m thinking of having a go at it, so stay tuned to this blog for an announcement. Or contact me via e-mail by clicking on the icon next to my name above for my Gravitar contact page. (I hesitate to post my e-mail address here, where the spambots can find it too easily.)

  3. Sorynzar says:

    Those schematic/diagram parts look very familliar 😉

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