Aetheric Shield Generator

Updated! New pics of the expanded Generator with active electronics!

Picasso famously said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

So, I was inspired by seeing a different kind of radionic device by another maker, and I decided to build something similar myself, with a bit of modification and improvement. The idea is a device which can be used to protect a person or environment from negative aetheric energies, either naturally occurring (e.g. DeadOrgone aka DOR) or as the result of misguided and unethical attempts to broadcast ill intent upon another person (traditionally known as “cursing.”)

I got the idea from this website:

(Scroll down to “Anti-Beaming Antenna”)

What the device is designed to do is constantly draw in negative aetheric energy or DOR and convert it to positive energy. It’s built from a large variable transformer coil. The transverse windings will direct the DOR into the central crystal coil, which will absorb and invert it to positive orgone power and emanate it from the twin orgone mini-towers on the left and right. The crystal coil is wired to the secondary of the main coil, and the orgone towers are wired to the primary (under the platform stand) to accomplish the conversion.

In any case, all the negative energy will accomplish is powering the Shield Generator to produce more positive energy.

The secondary is also connected to a pair of plugs to allow connection to a radionics tuner (such as the 3-Dial machine in the background) so it can be tuned to specific negative energies that might be targeting the person or location. (Be it residual EMF from broadcast towers, or someone’s bad idea of throwing around evil hoodoo.) In fact, when tuned properly the conversion process is likely to result in a negative feedback loop to the original perpetrator of the ill intent, causing it to backfire on them.

I have a dear friend who is currently beset with residual negative energy from a ill source, so I will be giving it a field test very soon. (Update: the negative “vibes” seem to have been banished effectively.)

Kudos to Zephyr Technologies for the concept. I hope they will not mind a fellow researcher’s expansion and re-imagining of the basic idea.

Update: I’ve added active electronics/optics to the Shield Generator, housed in the wooden base seen in the new pictures.

The Original Version

The coils are now connected to a ‘zapper’ circuit (via the loops of copper tubing) driving a high voltage, low amperage pulse wave at 32Hz (the crystal resonance frequency, according to Reich.) The crystal coil and the iron core coil are transverse-wound to each other, which should have the effect of drawing DOR/dark aetheric energy into the central vortex. The brass tube seen in the rear view has the UV bulb mounted in the end, which seals to the flat end of the crystal core. The uultraviolet light injected into the axis of the crystal neutralizes the DOR, constantly cleansing the crystal. The other side of the crystal coil feeds the twin orgone tubes. They are absolutely blasting out orgone now!

Admittedly, the red jewel ‘pilot light’ in the center is just for show. It’s a small circuit board designed to be an electronic votive candle, run by a watch battery. The light inside it flickers randomly, like a spark coming from deep inside the machine.

Besides that, there are two 9v batteries inside, one to power the UV light, one to power the zapper. (The exact nature of the zapper device is going to remain a trade secret for the time being…)


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5 Responses to Aetheric Shield Generator

  1. Sorynzar says:

    Simply put… Beautiful. It looks incredible, and only constructed from a large rheostat? I would be interested to see the results of your field test, as it is something I may like to experiment with myself in the future.

  2. josephmax says:

    Thank you! It’s pretty impressive looking in person. I have it in my lab right now, steadily keeping the space clear of contamination.

    I disassembled a variac and removed the coil. I’m familiar with those devices, so I could tell what Zephyr Technologies made theirs from. The crystal in the center is circuited in place of the rotating armature of the original variac.

    It’s a massive, solid iron core, resting on a marble base and held in position by the two round wooden blocks. The whole assembly weighs about three kilos. The mini-towers are orgone wands constructed as described in the previous post.

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  4. frank barber says:

    Could you build one of these for myself to use? Id like to talk to you about some of my experiences ive been going through for 2 plus years

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