Nova Albion Exhibition 2011 Photos

Back from the Museum of Curiosities exhibition! It went very well, and I met lots of interesting folks. I finally got to meet Todd Thille (an associate of Duncan Laurie) who stopped by after a VJ gig in San Francisco, and had some interesting shop talk with other the other Artists and Makers. I have to say this about the Steampunk community – people are really friendly and there’s a lot of camaraderie, and every artist I met was really open about sharing their work.

So… after the jump are photos I took of my installation. Thanks to everyone who  helped me make it happen, and greetings to folks who are visiting the blog after getting my contact info at the convention.

A view of the entire installation.

From left to right: Precision Radionic Tuning Array, Aetheric Shield Generator, Eloptic Emanation Electrodes, Hieronymus Radionic Analyzer, Octagon Loop Antenna, Reflexophone 2.0 with Well and Pad, Aetherial Wave Photonic Pump.

More photos of various views:

The exhibit display sign. (All texts written by myself.)

The display back-board - center.

Aetheric Shield Generator and Tuning Array signs.

Hieronymus Machine and Reflexophone 2.0 signs.

Left side of the display table.

Center of the display table.

Right side of the display table.

Hieronymus Machine, Eleoptic Emanation Electrodes and Octagon Loop Antenna.

Aetheric Shield Generator close-up. The crystal is illuminated from behind by a UV lamp and the red jewel below has a flickering lamp inside, simulating electrical sparks.



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4 Responses to Nova Albion Exhibition 2011 Photos

  1. Ruben1 says:

    That sure is purty! Are you sure you don’t have a Jules Verne Time Machine in there somewhere?

    The thing I keep thinking is that in the hands of a good practitioner, those machines could really sing! Yes, it does represent the hopes and dreams of another era. But some of those aspirations actually did happen. Just not so most people would ever understand (or care).

    Steampunk and history are served well. But there is some magick there as well. You are aptly named. Aetheric Arts.


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  3. TheVisitorV says:

    Your stuff looks really really nice.

  4. kmj says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Congratulations. Thank you for sharing as always.
    Well said Ruben1.

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