Mysterious Device!


A clandestine photo smuggled out of the Aetheric Arts R&D Labs depicts a previously unknown device, probably as yet unfinished. It shows a Toroidal Transverse Autotransformation Coil similar to the Aetheric Shield Generator, but with what appears to be a more solid crystal core and some kind of rotating actuator arm.

The source of this photograph, who’s name is being withheld for protection, claimed that a strong field of aetheric orgone energy could be felt emanating from the device, even in it’s unfinished state.

According to Dr. Hugh Lyon-Sack of Horzmanoor, noted expert on mysterious photos of unfinished psychotronic devices, at this stage of development it could be anything from a doomsday device to a treatment for male pattern baldness. “I don’t know what it is,” he said, “but it better be good!”

Stay tuned to this blog for more information as it becomes available.


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2 Responses to Mysterious Device!

  1. Sorynzar says:

    Ooooh, mysterious! I love it.

  2. ruben1 says:

    Looks interesting. I trust it will be put through its experimental paces when completed.

    I believe I may have met the esteemed Dr. Hugh Lyon Sack. He certainly gets around!

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