Mysterious Device Revealed – The Aetheric Beam Generator

From the laboratories of Aetheric Arts comes the revelation of the latest radionic device: The Aetheric Beam Generator, the complimentary device to the Aetheric Shield Generator.

Though based on the same design platform, instead of absorbing aetheric emanations, it (as the name suggests) projects them directionally. It allows tuning or drive devices to be interfaced with it.

Rear view, showing tuning arm and scale

It uses the same Toroidal Transverse Autotransformation Coil as the Aetheric Shield Generator, but the idea of this device is to be an Aetheric “Energy Projector”, similar to the original Eloptic Beamer of Hieronymus. Kind of the opposite of the Aetheric Shield Generator device: instead of sucking up DOR (dead orgone) and converting it to positive orgone and radiating it omni-directionally, the Beam Generator gathers aetheric energy and emits it in a focused direction.

Instead of the tuning circuit being wired to the crystal coil winding, from the crystal point (neg) to the base (pos) to pull DOR toward the crystal core, it’s wired directly to the outer transverse coil. The core is essentially a short, fat orgone wand: a 1 inch diameter, 1-1/2 inch long copper tube, with a core made of a solid brass 1/4″ electrode wrapped with 88 layers (44+44) of aluminum foil and linen paper, with a crystal mounted in the end. Crushed copper foil mixed with mica flakes connect the crystal to core, held in place with a cap of epoxy. An active “zapper” device tuned to 32Hz connected to the transverse coil should accelerate the orgone emission from the crystal element.

The photo of the rear of the device shows the rotating contact arm and the dial scale, which is used for tuning. The core of the orgone crystal element is connected to the armature, which can be rotated by hand to any position in a 320° circle. The contact arm is the “positive” (red) connection, and the coil completes the circuit to the “negative” (black) connection. Wired this way, it is essentially one massive rheostat (which is what the coils were salvaged from) – in effect a one-dial resistance-type radionic tuner, except that the tuning control is the device itself!

It can be connected to a radionic tuning device (pictured below with the One Dial Device) to further refine the tuning and used as a powerful directional antenna. There are two connections: to the Armature Rotor, using the coil as a massive potentiometer, and from the orgone projector tube core to the center contact of the transverse coil. The first is for connecting an external tuning device, such as the One Dial Tuner pictured. The second is for interfacing with a zapper circuit to drive the orgone crystal (as pictured with the TENS device.)

Update: I’ve decided to re-work the ABG with a more complex wiring scheme, and some cosmetic improvements, including brass binding posts. The utilitarian prototype showed the viability of the concept, so now to make it prettier and more controllable.

Update 2: I’ve finished the upgrades! I replaced the pictures in this post with new ones, added some text, and moved the older pictures to below.


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  1. Blackbox says:

    Cool device, really nice!

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