New kind of “emanations” at molecular level discovered by scientists!

A report from – It appears that molecules, either as pure elements or compounded, emit some kind of previously undetectable emanations.

Or maybe, undetectable except by the use of devices designed and built over 70 years ago. Maybe MIT should rummage around in the closet and dig out the Advanced  Research and Sciences, Inc. Radiation Laboratory device that a fellow named Hieronymus donated to them 50 years ago.

The research scientists at Oregon State University, in a report released Physical Review Letters, are explaining these emanations in terms of the Doppler Effect, first identified in 1842 by Austrian physicist Christian Doppler. The most well known example is the way the sound of a horn from a moving car or train seems to rise in pitch as it approaches and drop in pitch as it recedes. Theoretically, there is also a rotational Doppler effect present even at the molecular level that is unique to every form of matter.

At this tiny level, they found, the rotational Doppler effect can be even more important than the linear motion of the molecules, the study showed.

The findings are expected to have application in a better understanding of molecular spectroscopy, in which the radiation emitted from molecules is used to study their makeup and chemical properties. It is also relevant to the study of high energy electrons, Thomas said.

Let’s put this another way:

“Eloptic energy radiates from or is in some manner given off from, or forms a force field around, everything in our material world under normal conditions at ordinary room temperature and without any treatment of any kind. Each element and combination of elements that make up our material world gives off this energy; however, the energy from each element differs in frequency from the radiation coming from every other element. Thus, we have a means of determining the contents of an unknown material by analyzing the radiations from it without in any way destroying or disturbing the object or material in question, or having to excite it in any manner.” T. Galen Hieronymus, 1954

Just as other researches in the purely scientific realm have discovered new functions of the superluminal transmission of information and ‘virtual’ fields that can induce effects in the non-virtual world, they have found some kind of heretofore undiscovered emanations from matter, which are related to the direction of the spin of their component elements.

Those of us who research the radionic realm do not find this surprising at all:

Electrons and protons and neutrons make up all materials, but they’ve been given a specific shape. They are spinning and those things shown as round dots [in diagrams of atoms] are actually spinning at a high rate of speed… and the direction of their spin has a lot to do with their characteristics. […] The isotopes of all the various elements emanate a different kind energy. The electron and the proton emanate this energy. An instrument such as mine can tune into those emanations. (Lecture by Dr. Hieronymus, from ‘The Story of Eloptic Energy”)

I hope that somewhere out there in the Great Beyond, Dr. Hieronymus is smiling.

Hieronymus Series 500 Laboratory Analyzer (donated to MIT)


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4 Responses to New kind of “emanations” at molecular level discovered by scientists!

  1. Jim L says:

    Who are you folks? Where are you? Would love to meet and discuss this cool stuff. Have been having dreams about crystal oscillators and pascolite batterys or energy cells and trying to assemble what I’m seeing. (lot of fun). Have no idea what it will do when finished but will find out. (kind of an advanced Radionics machine I think. Will keep watching your site (great), Enjoy ——————–Jim

  2. josephmax says:

    Hi Jim,

    It’s just little ol’ me.

    I live in Northern California.

    Have you made drawings or diagrams of the device(s) in your dreams? Perhaps more experienced makers could advise you.

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  4. Don Jose de La Mancha (Joseph Curry) says:

    In the 50’s I was invited, along with 4 others, to join Dr Hieronymus and Magda Love in their retreat to study under him..Exactly how I was picked is not clear yet, Magda Love had something to do with it through a psychic contact ?? but unfortunately, I was unable to go to his retreat. But we did correspond for a long time. Those that went to the retreat also received copies of all of his experiments and notes..snifff

    Don Jose de La Mancha (Joseph Curry)

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