This blog column might open a can of worms. So mote it be.

I know that all people who study the esoteric arts suffer under constant criticism and denunciation by skeptical materialists, and it goes double for those who study radionics, radiesthesia and psionics. The history of radionics is rife (no pun intended) with oppression and persecution of its practitioners, from Ruth Drown to Wilhelm Reich to Royal Rife.

Personally, I’m happy to have discussions with skeptics, if they actually care to discuss, not simply snark and scoff at the theories and concepts of radionics. I certainly don’t care to join in the scoffing at those who also practice radionics or psionics but approach it differently than I do.

But there are some aspects of the world of radionics, especially on the Web, that make me uneasy. In fact, I started this blog as a sort of response to what I was seeing, to try to build a resource of solid, straight-forward information on the subject, something that seemed to be sorely lacking. But recently a friend of mine got me to thinking about it again.

My friend had become interested in radionics, having seen me at work in my secret laboratory (pronounced with the accent on ‘La-BOR-a-tory’), and has been a volunteer experimental subject in my research. The work has manifested some interesting and, by her account, beneficial results for her. She is a Reiki Master (and is also my Reiki teacher), so she’s no stranger to aetheric energy work.

So, as diligent seekers of esoteric knowledge are often wont to do, she scoured the Internet for information on “radionics”.

Sadly, she told me she was appalled at most of what she found there. And I share her opinion, I told her. I was similarly appalled when I first started poking around the subject of radionics on the net.

What we were both struck by was the uncanny amount of commercialized, homogenized, trivialized, New-age-ized malarkey, folderol and balderdash – to put it kindly – that abounds on the Web about radionics. And being a practitioner of Reiki, she’s certainly encountered her share of New Age silliness. When a Reiki practitioner thinks what she’s seeing is over-the-top fuzzy thinking, that’s, um, remarkable.

I am reminded of Sturgeon’s Law: “90% of everything is crap.” Yes, that sounds about right, although the estimate could be overly optimistic. I won’t point fingers or name names, but at one well known psionics/radionics forum, the messages are interspersed with banners like “Make hot babes WET for you!!!” and “Sleep with 100s of women! Here’s how!”

Some more examples:

“A bestselling radionic device that gives you business, social and romantic invincibility!”

“Incite impulse buying, eradicate buyer’s remorse, inspire repeat purchase and inflame a great deal of free referrals!”

“This isn’t a dream. You’ve just discovered a massive compendium of the very Tools and controversial Techniques that catapulted me to the pinnacle of Social Success. And by pinnacle, I mean the whole ballgame: bloated bank accounts, jammed social calendars, fast cars, great jobs, dream vacations and truly explosive living.  What uplifted me,  can quickly and readily empower you. Make your dreams a reality – right now!”

Oh. My. Gods.

Look, I’m as confident in the power of radionic techniques as the next mad scientist. Enhancing physical health, improving confidence and self-esteem,  defining and attaining goals, helping relaxation and easing of stress – these are all things that any diligent pursuit of a metaphysical practice – including radionics – can help bring you. If we can’t heal ourselves, clear ourselves, and improve our quality of life with our spiritual practices, what’s the point?

Helping to manifest your will in the world is what any kind of Magick is all about: “The Art and Science of causing change to occur in accordance with Will.”

People may well be getting results with these devices. But what I find disturbing about so many of these sellers of radionic equipment is not the product, but the marketing. It’s the same kind of marketing one finds in “flip this house” real estate schemes, “personal development” programs, or any number of New Age dealers of instant enlightenment. Reading those websites made me think of late-night infomercials and tongue-speaking televangelist preachers.

Radionics straddles the line between technology and magick, and magick, dear readers, is not easy! It is one of the hardest things a human being can try to do. I am sorry to burst some people’s bubbles, but no machine is going to give you “instant magickal power”, as easy as pushing a button (after, of course, dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy a radionic box that, in literal truth, is far less complex as an electronic device than a portable radio.) All radionics devices are dependent on the human-machine interface to work. It’s in many ways like playing a musical instrument. Some folks have more natural talent than others. But no one can expect to get instant results with no effort. You can buy the most beautiful, expensive guitar in the world, but just owning it doesn’t mean you can play it.

But there are also several reputable makers of radionic equipment to be found on the Web (you can find some of them in the Blogroll Links column of this blog.) The distinguishing factor seems to be that they DON’T make cloying, grandiose claims about their devices – like getting rich quick and picking up hot chicks. Instead, they are notable for being hand-built, well-crafted precision machines made of high quality materials, not a cheap plastic box with a few knobs (often not even wired to anything), some flashing lights, a small copper plate and a chunk of “orgone matrix”, i.e. fiberglass resin filled with cotton fiber and metal shavings. The cost of the materials to build such a box is roughly 50 US dollars – and that’s buying all the parts at full retail prices!

Here’s one very reliable method that I use to judge the honesty and integrity of any radionics device manufacturer: how much do they explain what goes on “under the hood”? Builders I consider trustworthy, like Charles Cosimano, Bill Jensen, Ed Kelly and Wizzar’s Workshop, have no qualms about sharing information about their products free of charge. They know that what they are selling is not some “secret device” but rather their expertise and skill as builders and artists. They can show you what’s inside their boxes, knowing full well that if you want to copy them, it will probably cost you as much in materials and time as you would pay them to build it for you.

But a radionics maker that is just selling you a plastic box with knobs on it that is otherwise empty, which cost them less than $50 in materials and time but they want to sell for $500 or more – MUCH more – will refuse to show you what’s inside, or even talk about it. For obvious reasons.

Now that being said, I have no direct knowledge of any radionic device seller’s business practices. I will not name any names or make any accusations. I can only judge by what I see in the advertisements. And the only reason I care is that I try to be a serious researcher, and the un-serious, over-hyped, “snake oil” kind of marketing only gives skeptics more ammunition to dismiss all of us charlatans and fools.

As in all things, caveat emptor! (With extra ‘caveat’!)


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3 Responses to Balderdash!

  1. Sorynzar says:

    A fantastic article Mr. Max. Let it be our role as level headed individuals partaking in the esteemed research of Aetheirc physics to determine a new order and ethos for those that seek this technology. We shall dispose of the balderdash and piffle which plague the seeker. I was trying to explain to someone recently what I do, and leveled at the term “psionic devices” A quick search for that term left me with no illusion that it was not the best phrase to have provided. The top results are as described in your above article. It would seem that there are many snake oil salesmen who are dominating the market, which is unfortunate for us. However, all just and powerful movents are won at the grass roots, and this, we can use to our advantage. Time to talk tactics.

  2. Ruben1 says:

    It is symptomatic of how our world operates. It is not just that they refuse to show you what is inside. But there is a refusal to deal with almost any topic in a responsible and intelligent manner. And the withholding of information is a time honored con man strategy. And very much a part of our modern world. I work in business research and it is just amazing the roadblocks that are thrown up to keep you from learning things. I understand that certain information must remain private. But so many things out there are designed to separate you from your money. As such, anything goes.

    And hard work, study and disclipline in a hard sell in a world of instant gratification. When style is more important than substance, truth become irrelevant. Also, there was a time when people actually worked with their hands. They actuall designed things. They actually scrounged together the necessary materials. Then they actually built things. Now we have almost entire communities where any kind of manual labor is prohibited. No on is allowed to get their hand dirty. It is “beneath” them.

    It isn’t just magic that requires work and disclipline. It is many things. And as we lose touch with the things that can change us in a positive manner, we lose the diginity and potential of what we can become as human beings occupieing this planet. Look at all the lottery winners who crashed and burned. Anything worthwhile doing requires that hard work and disclipline. Radionics is no different in this regard.

  3. lynne says:

    great post,,simple truth

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