Facebook cometh!

Aetheric Arts is now on Facebook!

Yes, we have succumbed to the overwhelming power of peer-pressure and joined the teeming hordes of Facebookers.

If you have a FB account, please stop by and give us a “thumbs up”.



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2 Responses to Facebook cometh!

  1. josephmax says:

    Wow. And you’re using a Google Mail account? I’m far more concerned about Google and Google+ than Facebook. I will *never* have a Google+ account. I search with Scroogle.org as much as possible. (Scroogle is a system that anonymizes your IP address so Google can’t track it.)

    As far as the idea of the US Defense Dept. using “psyops” on social media, well, they can *try*, but they typically screw it up. They usually don’t have a clue, and everybody can tell who the narc is.

    I guess they can buy advertising, but what else are they going to do? A TV show like “24” does a far better job of psyops than anything the Pentagon has ever dreamed up.

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