Just checking in…

I apologize for the lack of posts here at Aetheric Arts, but I’ve actually been busy building new instruments!

I’m working on a special Hieronymus Machine project for a client, and at the same time trying to keep working on my reproduction of a Delawarr 9-Dial treatment instrument (with my own special mods, of course!)

Please stand by, watch your step, and don’t mind the sawdust and solder globs. I’ll be back soon with more magic boxes!


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2 Responses to Building!

  1. Judd says:

    Dear Josephmax:

    I am an independent filmmaker in minnesota. my team is shooting a feature film in november and we have need of a scary looking device that would be hooked up to someone to be both a lie detector and shock device. your machines/art are very intense, beautiful and very cool. would you entertain the idea of lending a device to us from your collection? it would not have to work as we would be implementing sound design but it could have working lights and gauges. Perhaps you have some versions or just panels that you would part with? we have a very modest budget but have set aside some funds for this specific piece.

    I would love to chat more about this if you are interested. Check out to see the writer/director’s visual style.

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