Abraxis Journal Interview

I’ve had the honor of having an interview of me by anthropologist Dr. Amy Hale published in the latest issue of Abraxas, the independent journal of historical and contemporary occultism.

The journal is a gorgeous work of literary art, both in content and execution, including  an interview with Brion Gysin and an article by Alan Moore.

I discuss my Radionics work, as well as some personal history with Chaos Magic and the Golden Dawn, and the relationship between the DIY Maker Movement and modern esoterica.

An excerpt:

AH: Is Radionics the next big thing?

JM: Now we find a kind of Neo-Modernism arising, and pop culture that reflects the late 19th and early 20th century styles, as in Goth and Steampunk. We’ve got the Maker sub-culture, that exemplifies the workshop inventor mentality of the early industrial revolution. Art Deco and Beau Arts are experiencing a revival in architecture. This popular culture is going to influence mystical and magical subcultures as it always does.

So just as 1960s pop culture, with it’s combination of Bacchanlian revelry, witches-at-the-Ren-Faire fashion sense, and dawning-of-the-Age-of-Aquarius idealism influenced the magickal styles that arose during that time, 21st century pop culture is going to influence what becomes the next big thing in occult culture. I think we’re going to see Steampunk Magick and Gothic Paganism and magicians who emulate Dr. Tesla instead of Dr. Faustus. We’re still reaching back into the past, but a more recent past. And finally, to answer your question, radionics is a big part of that magick of the early 20th century, and so I can see it being a part of the Neo-Modern trend.

I’m just totally stoked that I’ve been published in the same journal as Alan Moore!


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1 Response to Abraxis Journal Interview

  1. Sorynzar says:

    That’s quite an honour for you to be published. I’m pleased for you. I also agree with your excerpt comment. In my muddled mind, Tesla was a technological Mage. It is fitting, the links you have ascribed.

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