Dial Plate Art

It appears some folks have come here to Aetheric Arts searching for ‘radionic dial scales’ and ‘radionic dial graphics’, and it had totally slipped my mind that I posted the artwork to a Flickr account some time ago, and I don’t think I  mentioned it here.

So if you’re looking for free downloadable dial scales for Hieronymus machines, or for potentiometer – tuned instruments, here are some graphics to use, the same ones I use for the creation of all my devices.

Just another public service brought to you by Aetheric Arts Laboratories.


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5 Responses to Dial Plate Art

  1. Cal kiitridge says:

    heard you on Expanding Minds. Guide me. where does one start with Chaos Magic and the like…I’d like to buy a South Pacific island and take over the world, ala a Bond villain, HELP.
    Thanks Cal.

  2. CAl says:

    not in a hurry….but seriously, besides reading about Chaos magic , how about groups in the :LA area that you may know of…… dare I say “classes” on such things. Maja mentioned in the Expanding Mind interview the “idea of programing an information on an energetic level” this kinda of thing. Thanks for your time.

  3. Dr sunnyy says:

    Dear Sir
    Hello, I am Dr.Sunnyy from INDIA. I am energy medicin Practicioner.
    I see many Radionics device online are selling for very expensive.
    I want to make radionic device in INDIA, but dont know how to make because i do not have diagrams and book which teach how to make radionics.

    Can you please tell me how to start making radionic device ?
    Please email me the info

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