Radionics and Shaping the Future

I recently discovered an amazing series of articles at Science 2.0 by Sascha Vongehr about a plausible physical description of “telekinesis” phenomena (and I’ll put radionics effects into that broad category).

The hypothesis presented involves the concept of “presentiment”; what appears to be a cognitive response before any knowledge or known physics could have provided causal information of an exciting or dangerous future situation (“anomalous retroactive influence on affect”), and how this kind of ability would have definite survival advantages and therefore be acquired by evolution through natural selection.

The trigger of presentiment in the present would be indeed in the present and thus not from the future. Even if the sentiment were traced back to some quantum physical ongoing in certain evolved neural circuits, you could claim that since these happen in the present, they influence the future rather than the future being their cause.

This is similar to claiming that the presence of an effect in the present makes the term “precognition” or “future influence” not applicable by definition. Here it is a more physical argument: rather than being influenced by the future, the future was shaped by the presentiment. [JM – emphasis mine.] Since it is still paranormal, one speaks of “psychokinetic” effects.

The entire series of articles is worth a read. The whole idea of radionics devices being instruments to manipulate physical energies like electromagnetism needs to be discarded. So what is actually happening? “Quantum mechanics” has become such a catch-all “explanation” for so many paranormal phenomena that it’s become a bad cliche’ (like the “vibrations” of the 20th century and the “animal magnetism” of the 19th.) Read these articles with an eye toward catching the implications that apply to radionics work – what people confuse for “seeing the future” is actually changing the future.


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3 Responses to Radionics and Shaping the Future

  1. Sorynzar says:

    To quote Nic Cage in Next- “Once you see the future, it changes” It has long been debated among parapsychologists whether we actually see the future, or if what we see creates it. It would seem that these papers go some way to explaining it. For instance, if I foresee a catastrophe only days before it occurs, did I create it, or help bring it into existence by acting as a conduit? I would hope that it was not the case. In either event, how can I begin to alter the future if it does not look promising? Perhaps this is where radionics and psychotronics hold the key.

    • josephmax says:

      In a “traditional” radionics context, when I take a reading of the witness, what I’m doing is examining the “present”. That is the equivalent of the “presentiment”. In a way, it’s like “creating” a deliberate presentiment, rather than a spontaneous one. When I then set the dials to manifest a trend, I’m (hopefully) altering the future in accordance with my will represented by the trend settings. This is an advantage that radionics practice has over methods of occult “spell-casting”. Radionic procedures (when done properly) take the present into account before trying to alter the future (or as Dr. Vongehr would have it, collapsing the quantum wave-potential of one specific many-worlds future into a noumenal outcome.) It’s a good idea to know where you ARE before you set about getting to where you want TO BE. So with this in mind, it makes sense to work for a trend that is not very far out of a range of possible futures. Theoretically, it’s *possible* that every carbon molecule in the chair I’m sitting on will spontaneously transmute into oxygen and drop my butt on the floor. But it is HIGHLY unlikely – not zero-probability, but close to it. So it’s easier and more effective to choose trends that are more likely to manifest than not. This means being very clever and choosing trends wisely. If, for example, I need more income, it’s better to set a trend to bring me a better job or a pay raise, than to try to win a lottery or conjure bags of money to fall out of the sky.

      • Sorynzar says:

        Absolutely. Nothing has absolute zero probability, so in that respect anything is possible, though unlikely in many cases. Building on past manifestation successes, i.e stacking up one on top of the other is a good way to succeed. For instance, you wanted to be a CEO of a large blue-chip company. That is tricky to obtain. However, if you set out to manifest an outcome which is within your realm of action. Then it is possible to build up to it. First stage, get a job within that industry, the next few stages work your way up the management ranks. Under each stage, you can have sub workings, like achieving interview success to gain the job in the first place, make it to a second interview, get shortlisted etc.

        The trick is you need to be able to act. Action follows thought. There are not many ways you can act to win the lottery, except buying many tickets to stack the odds in your favour. Then sitting back and letting the improbable happen. That is the part where you need to be focusing on action which you just dont find in the lottery scenario.

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