¡Saludos a mis amigos de España!

Over the past few days, I have been getting an amazing amount of traffic from Spain, so much so that the blog is breaking all traffic records.

I love Spain – I spent some time there a few years ago, and have wonderful memories of the Barcelona architecture (and the beaches!) and enjoying delicious tapas and sangria on sidewalk cafes in Madrid (late at night, when the Spaniards have their supper) followed by great times in the Madrid nightclubs.

And while I am overjoyed to see many so people from España coming through (literally hundreds of hits every day), I’m puzzled by the sudden interest.

Can some of our new Spanish friends explain it to me? I’m very curious. Please leave a reply in the comments!

(I’m republishing the above in Spanish, courtesy of Babelfish – forgive what is probably bad Spanish syntax, but I want these folks to feel welcome!)

En los últimos días, he estado recibiendo una cantidad asombrosa de tráfico de España, tanto es así que el blog está batiendo todos los récords de tráfico.

Me encanta España – Pasé algún tiempo allí hace unos años, y tengo recuerdos maravillosos de la arquitectura de Barcelona (y de las playas!) Y disfrutar de deliciosas tapas en cafés al aire libre en Madrid (por la noche, cuando los españoles tienen la cena), seguido de por los grandes momentos en las discotecas de Madrid.

Y aunque estoy muy contento de ver a muchas personas por lo que desde España viene a través de (literalmente cientos de visitas todos los días), estoy intrigado por el súbito interés.

Puede que algunos de nuestros nuevos amigos españoles que me lo explique? Soy muy curiosa. Por favor, deje una respuesta en los comentarios!


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5 Responses to ¡Saludos a mis amigos de España!

  1. Sorynzar says:

    Only a small amount of Spanish Visitors to mine. The top three I’m seeing are the US, Russia, and China! With old blighty somewhere in the middle.

  2. Gabe says:

    The reason is because there is no good information about radionics machines in Spanish language.Your blog is very good source of information.
    thank you

    • josephmax says:

      De nada! I hope it translates well.

      I’ve seen a few devices made in Mexico and South America, but not a lot of published information en Espanol. But I had over 600 hits in two days all coming from Spain, so I was curious.

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  4. paperlessworld says:

    I am also puzzled by the popularity of my blog with the Spaniards. Since the international numbers started coming in around March 1, 2012, I have had 36,028 viewers from Spain in disproportion to the total world numbers slightly over of 65,000. Even though my blog is in English, I have become like some kind of present day Jerry Lewis (as he was to France) to all of Spain. And the same tendency also applies to a second blog I write — as to this newfound attraction I have to Spaniards. So I am thinking of taking a vacation there, to see if it works in real life.

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