Maxwellian Demonology

demon1zu8Once again, physicists confirm a concept that we radionicists have been saying for a long time.

Regular readers of Aetheric Arts blog know that my concept of Radionics is that it has little to do with electronics per se. Electromagnetism is a carrier, but it is not what “does the work”, any more than the copper wires that carry electricity do the “work”. What’s being carried along the electromagnetic waves is what I like to call “aetheric information”. These emanations transmit “instructions” to the target, and the target carries them out. (See the previous posts here and here for more discussion.)

But how can “information” cause these changes? Changes in the physical world require energy. How can information impart energy? Wouldn’t that be a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

There’s a famous “thought experiment” in physics known as “Maxwell’s Demon”, described by James Clerk Maxwell to demonstrate that the Second Law is only “statistical”. It goes like this: a container is divided into two parts by an insulated wall, with a door that can be opened and closed by what came to be called “Maxwell’s demon”. The demon opens the door to allow only the “hot” molecules of gas to flow through to a favored side of the chamber, causing that side to gradually heat up while the other side cools down, thus decreasing entropy.

Maxwell described it thusly in his book, “Theory of Heat” in 1871:

“… if we conceive of a being whose faculties are so sharpened that he can follow every molecule in its course, such a being, whose attributes are as essentially finite as our own, would be able to do what is impossible to us. For we have seen that molecules in a vessel full of air at uniform temperature are moving with velocities by no means uniform, though the mean velocity of any great number of them, arbitrarily selected, is almost exactly uniform. Now let us suppose that such a vessel is divided into two portions, A and B, by a division in which there is a small hole, and that a being, who can see the individual molecules, opens and closes this hole, so as to allow only the swifter molecules to pass from A to B, and only the slower molecules to pass from B to A. He will thus, without expenditure of work, raise the temperature of B and lower that of A, in contradiction to the second law of thermodynamics….”

However, there has never been a way to experimentally test Maxwell’s hypothesis, and he only offered it as a proof for the statistical nature of the Second Law. In fact, the “statistical”, probabilistic nature of reality was confirmed some fifty years later with the advent of Quantum Theory.

But now some clever engineers have confirmed it, and have produced energy from information in the manner of Maxwell’s Demon.

Technology Review, published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reports the first demonstration of an “information-heat” engine.

A couple years ago, experimenters led by Shoichi Toyabe of Chuo University demonstrated a working model of such a device. And just last month, their work was confirmed by scientists at the University of Tokyo.

As the article says, this is “hugely significant.” It shows that thermodynamics, that is “work-producing energy”, is not only a function of classical physics, but but must take quantum informational effects into account. In order to avoid violating the Second Law, the “information field” of any phenomenon must be taken into account. The molecular machinery of living cells often appear to rely on what’s called a Brownian Rachet, that harvests the random motions of molecules to function.

Hopefully, someday enough interest will be generated by experiments such as these to spur research into radionic information theories. To “prove” radionics is viable would require a large-scale undertaking, using statistical meta-analysis, similar to the experimental trials of new pharmaceuticals. But this is a costly process. No one I know of is willing to invest millions of dollars into this research, mostly because scientists claim there is no known physical process by which the effect of radionics can be explained. Now perhaps there is one.


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