Aetheric Arts at The Great Radionics Expo

ImageCome one and all!  September 30 – October 1,  Rapid City, South Dakota, USA 
Kelly Research Technologies, Inc. proudly presents The Great Radionics Expo – a two-
day event consisting of presentations, workshops, and discussions focused on the
art of radionics.  Participants will choose from a concurrent slate of programs – both
lectures and hands-on workshops – featuring information appropriate for beginners and
advanced radionics researchers.  Come find out how these experts use radionics
and subtle energy analysis to positively impact their lives, farms, businesses, and
healing modalities!  

I will be presenting a workshop on Clearing the Chakras (see the previous blog post here) and participating in several discussion panels. The list of presenters and lecturers is very impressive – I don’t think such a gathering of radionics specialists has ever happened before. 

For more information (including the list of presenters), and to make reservations go to:



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1 Response to Aetheric Arts at The Great Radionics Expo

  1. thependulist says:

    sounds like an amazing gathering. i am interested about your chakra clearing workshop. as of now, I have simply been dowsing for my levels (underactive, balanced, or overactive) and then balancing as needed, using my pendulum. what other elements are you using?

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