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19 Responses to About

  1. Abu Yamin Tasrip says:

    Dear Sir
    Unexpected I stumble your wordpress.com regarding this radionic. I’m looking for Vibroclast VN-4 by Dr X (now there is no web anymore). I able copy the article. I ask your permission to send you the copy for you to go through. I also ask permission from you, to let my intention for looking Vibroclast VN-4 to appear in you word press, for every body to respond and share. Maybe some one there knew about it.
    Please reply.
    Thank you
    Abu Yamin

    • josephmax says:

      Oh, if you send me the information on the Vibroclast, I’ll be glad to put up a feature post about it. It looks like an interesting machine!

      You can send the information to me at:

      j o e m a x 9 3 (at) c o m c a s t . n e t

  2. josephmax says:

    Hi Abu,

    You might try the Radionic Association website (UK) as they run a “want ad” section:


    I notice someone has posted a request for information on the Vibroclast. Is that you? Anyway, it is a place to start, and most professional radionicists check out that website from time to time. They will leave your ad posted for up to two years.

    If anyone reading this blog has any info, please pass it on to Abu by posting it here.

    Good luck in your search!

  3. Pericles says:

    I recently bought a 6 dial ( 6 for rates plus 1 for potency and 1 for energy) radionics machine (homeopathic poteniser) but discovered that it only came with rates for individual herbs not homeopathic remedies. Can anyone help/avise with respect for rates for this machine.

    Each rate dial is as follows 0.0 0.1 0.2… 0.9 1.0 1.1 ..2.0 2.1 9.0 ….9.9


  4. Pavan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m looking for a psychic helmet with 3 dials and a connecting jack to connect it to my radionic machine.

    Can you make a customised helmet for me, and if so how much can it cost me including shipping to Canada?

    Thank you.

  5. Jay says:

    I would like to know how much you are charging for the AETHER SHIELD GENERATOR with plugins for radionics devices. It is very important because I seen the one on zephyr technology but i am more so interested in yours because i am dealing with a lot of psychotronic attacks and i’d like to use their fuel to manifest my trends. Thank you.

  6. Alain says:

    Hello Joseph,

    Can I ask you what do you thonk about the Anapathic Machine from Jensen, and do you already work with this machine. I would like to buy one.

    Kind regards, Alain.

    • josephmax says:

      Hi Alain,

      I like the idea of the Anapathic, though I’ve never used one personally so I can’t comment on that. From the photos I’ve seen Bill seems to have followed the basic design of the original very carefully, and found a clever way to reproduce the “clockwork” of the original using a standard AC power “wind-up” timer switch.

      My opinion of the Anapathic is that it’s a very useful idea, but not a replacement for a Hieronymus Analyzer or Biometer. It’s good for cleaning up “junk rates”, as Dr. H. called them, the minor imbalances of the aetheric body that we all have to some degree, without having to do a lot of work with an Analyzer. But the Analyzer is what’s needed for intense, specific work on correcting major imbalances. I wouldn’t consider the Anapathic a substitute for a classic Hieronymus Machine. For deep energy work they should be used together.

      • Cyborka says:

        Hello Joseph,

        Thank you very much for your reply and advice. I have contacted William Jensen. Then the Analyzer is most useful for deep energy work. Do you had good results with the Analyzer?

        Kind regards,


  7. Dear Joseph Max: I’m curating a big exhibition in Raleigh, North Carolina, to open in Jan. 2013. Title: “Farfetched: Mad Science, Fringe Architecture & Visionary Engineering.”
    I would like to include some of your work in the exhibition and need to be in touch with you a.s.a.p. if you are interested. We’ll produce a color-illustrated exhibition catalog & the exhibit is likely to draw a wide audience new to your work. I hope to hear from you very soon. Thanks!

  8. Evandro Jose Silva says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please do you use the Kelly radionic rates in your Steampunk Hieronymus Machine?
    Thanks in advance.


    • josephmax says:

      The rate book published by Kelly Research is probably the best collection of rates from various experimenters, including Hieronymus and Mattioda. The rates in the Hieronymus documents (where I usually look up my settings) are also found in the Kelly book, so yes, I do use “Kelly rates”. The rates in the Kelly book are suitable for using with any Hieronymus Machine, and kudos to Ed Kelly for putting the rate book on-line in PDF form. If you own a Hieronymus Machine, you should have the Kelly book.

  9. Jim says:

    Could you build a time camera ? I have the plans and schematics for build …

    • josephmax says:

      You know, I’ve wanted to build a time camera, I even came up with some ideas for one based on Delawarr’s and Drown’s patents, but it’s a major undertaking I haven’t been able to get around to yet.

      Are looking to commission one to be built? What plans to you have, the ARD version?

  10. Jim says:

    Im not sure which plans its just 3 plans and schematics.

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