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Utilitarian Hieronymus Machine

Just finished this build for a good friend, so here’s a few pictures before I send it off. The idea was to make a basic Hieronymus Machine for use “in the field”, suitable for agricultural work. So attention had to … Continue reading

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Facebook Radionics Group

I totally forgot to mention that I created a Radionics Group on Facebook: Drop by and give us a thumbs up!

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Heironymus Machine Mark II

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest build – a Hieronymus Machine being built for a client. First stage construction is complete: the electronics are fully functioning. More to follow…

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Just checking in… I apologize for the lack of posts here at Aetheric Arts, but I’ve actually been busy building new instruments! I’m working on a special Hieronymus Machine project for a client, and at the same time trying to … Continue reading

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Mysterious Device!

A clandestine photo smuggled out of the Aetheric Arts R&D Labs depicts a previously unknown device, probably as yet unfinished. It shows a Toroidal Transverse Autotransformation Coil similar to the Aetheric Shield Generator, but with what appears to be a … Continue reading

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New Faces!

In all the excitement of the Museum exhibit, I’ve neglected to keep our readers current on the latest modifications to my devices. Some of them I actually completed some months ago, but I’ve simply not gotten around to posting photos. … Continue reading

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Off to the Convention!

Sorry for the dearth of posting, but I’ve been furiously touching up and printing out for the Steampunk Con. Be back next week with photos and (hopefully) wild stories! Go to to go and pack now!

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Aetheric Arts at Pantheacon 2011

I will be presenting a workshop in Radionics at the upcoming PantheaCon convention in San Jose, California on Saturday, February 19th. Here’s the information from the convention program: When & Where:  Saturday – 07:00 PM – Santa Clara Room Title: … Continue reading

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Shortwave Oscilloclast Pics

Here’s more photos of the actual unit. It took me half a day to remove the 50+ years of accumulated crud from the outer case! It turns out the covering isn’t brown at all, but black.

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The Psionic Art of Paul Laffoley

I admit, purely symbolic psionic ‘devices’ are not my thing. Not that someone can’t use any symbolic image for magickal purposes, if he or she has the skill to make it work. But there’s something about wires and plates and … Continue reading

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