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Hieronymus Mandala Machine

The latest creation from Aetheric Arts Labs: the Hieronymus Mandala Machine. I’m actually quite pleased with how this device came out!

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Utilitarian Hieronymus Machine

Just finished this build for a good friend, so here’s a few pictures before I send it off. The idea was to make a basic Hieronymus Machine for use “in the field”, suitable for agricultural work. So attention had to … Continue reading

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New kind of “emanations” at molecular level discovered by scientists!

A report from Physorg.com – It appears that molecules, either as pure elements or compounded, emit some kind of previously undetectable emanations. Or maybe, undetectable except by the use of devices designed and built over 70 years ago. Maybe MIT … Continue reading

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Nova Albion Exhibition 2011 Photos

Back from the Museum of Curiosities exhibition! It went very well, and I met lots of interesting folks. I finally got to meet Todd Thille (an associate of Duncan Laurie) who stopped by after a VJ gig in San Francisco, … Continue reading

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Quantum Teleportation

In a stunning advancement of cutting-edge particle physics, a team of Chinese scientists succeeded in teleporting particle-state information across a distance of 9.9 miles. “This is the longest reported distance over which photonic teleportation has been achieved to date, more … Continue reading

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New Anapathic Machine from Jensen

Bill Jensen has just released a new product, a replica of the Hieronymus Anapathic Machine. It looks great! It’s designed as an “automatic scanner” to scan and balance Rates without needing a stick pad. A tip of the psionic helmet … Continue reading

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Radionics, Psionics and Who Needs Wires, Anyway?

One of the most controversial aspects of radionics is the use of “symbolic circuits”. This refers to practices built around the idea that a drawing or other symbolic version (such as a software simulation) of a radionics circuit works just … Continue reading

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Scanning and Balancing the Chakras with Radionics

“Chakras are energy centers that run from the base of your spine out the top, or crown, of your head. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel or disc. There are seven major chakras, each a circular wheel … Continue reading

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Reconstructing the Aether: Building the Hieronymus Machine

(Note: If anyone has any questions about the construction process, or has tips on building their own Machines to share, please leave them in the comments section of this post.)   I’ve been wanting to study Radionics for some time, … Continue reading

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