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AX-101 Antenna Tuner

Aetheric Labs latest creation, the AX-101 Antenna Tuner, will be debuted at the Great Radionic Expo this weekend. The Antenna Tuner began development as simply that – a way to tune an antenna for more effective broadcast of aetheric information … Continue reading

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Hieronymus Mandala Machine

The latest creation from Aetheric Arts Labs: the Hieronymus Mandala Machine. I’m actually quite pleased with how this device came out!

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Utilitarian Hieronymus Machine

Just finished this build for a good friend, so here’s a few pictures before I send it off. The idea was to make a basic Hieronymus Machine for use “in the field”, suitable for agricultural work. So attention had to … Continue reading

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Dial Plate Art

It appears some folks have come here to Aetheric Arts searching for ‘radionic dial scales’ and ‘radionic dial graphics’, and it had totally slipped my mind that I posted the artwork to a Flickr account some time ago, and I … Continue reading

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Expanding Mind Podcast

I just finished a live podcast interview with hosts Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust on Expanding Mind, carried by PRN, the Progressive Radio Network. We talked about magick, radionics, the Maker culture, weird science and various and sundry other enlightening … Continue reading

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Abraxis Journal Interview

I’ve had the honor of having an interview of me by anthropologist Dr. Amy Hale published in the latest issue of Abraxas, the independent journal of historical and contemporary occultism. The journal is a gorgeous work of literary art, both … Continue reading

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Radionic Antenna Tuner

I’ve wanted to develop something like this for a while, so I finally got around to doing it! One of the problems I have working with the Six Dial DX-6 resistance device is that if I use it with researched … Continue reading

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Nova Albion Exhibition 2011 Photos

Back from the Museum of Curiosities exhibition! It went very well, and I met lots of interesting folks. I finally got to meet Todd Thille (an associate of Duncan Laurie) who stopped by after a VJ gig in San Francisco, … Continue reading

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Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

Four of my splendorous radionic boxes have been selected for inclusion at the 2011 Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition in Santa Clara (San Francisco Bay Area), March 25th through 27th. I will be exhibiting in the Museum of Curiosities, from Friday … Continue reading

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Symbolic Hieronymus Machine

A holiday gift from Aetheric Arts! Build your own Symbolic Hieronymus Machine with these handy graphics.

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