The Psionic Art of Paul Laffoley

I admit, purely symbolic psionic ‘devices’ are not my thing. Not that someone can’t use any symbolic image for magickal purposes, if he or she has the skill to make it work. But there’s something about wires and plates and crystals and the pulsing of electrons and magnetic fields and orgone energy that does it for me.

BUT… if I were going to work with a purely symbolic machine, it would have to be like Paul Laffoley’s.

I discovered Laffoley’s work in Duncan Laurie’s The Secret Art (a most excellent book on Radionics, BTW) which included some black-and-white reproductions. I was even more impressed to find that the originals were in color.

The effort and concentration that Laffoley obviously invests in his creations are what makes such symbolic representations aetherically powerful, as with any other kind of magical talisman.


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