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Radionic Antenna Tuner

I’ve wanted to develop something like this for a while, so I finally got around to doing it! One of the problems I have working with the Six Dial DX-6 resistance device is that if I use it with researched … Continue reading

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New kind of “emanations” at molecular level discovered by scientists!

A report from – It appears that molecules, either as pure elements or compounded, emit some kind of previously undetectable emanations. Or maybe, undetectable except by the use of devices designed and built over 70 years ago. Maybe MIT … Continue reading

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Mysterious Device Revealed – The Aetheric Beam Generator

From the laboratories of Aetheric Arts comes the revelation of the latest radionic device: The Aetheric Beam Generator, the complimentary device to the Aetheric Shield Generator. Though based on the same design platform, instead of absorbing aetheric emanations, it (as … Continue reading

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