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Shortwave Oscilloclast Pics

Here’s more photos of the actual unit. It took me half a day to remove the 50+ years of accumulated crud from the outer case! It turns out the covering isn’t brown at all, but black.

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Shortwave Oscilloclast

I’ve just purchased an antique Shortwave Oscilloclast on eBay. This device was developed by the Electronic Medical Foundation (EMF) of San Francisco in the 1940s. The EMF was the organization created by Dr. Albert Abrams to carry on his work … Continue reading

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The Abrams Oscilloclast

I apologize for the dearth of blog posts, but it has been a busy time in my “real life” lately! My current project is a reproduction and expansion of the classic Oscilloclast of Dr. Albert Abrams.

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New Radionics Fourm

Sorynzar, friend and regular commenter here at Aetheric Arts, has created a new radionics  forum as part of his Berkana Path blog. So far, the forum has categories for Radionics and Meditation (as well as general and introductory sections) and … Continue reading

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