Quantum Teleportation

In a stunning advancement of cutting-edge particle physics, a team of Chinese scientists succeeded in teleporting particle-state information across a distance of 9.9 miles.

“This is the longest reported distance over which photonic teleportation has been achieved to date, more than 20 times longer than the previous implementation,” Discovery News quoted Cheng-Zhi Peng, one of the co-authors of the study and a scientist at University of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University in Beijing, as saying.

The implications for the practice of radionics are profound. One of the (quite valid) critiques of radionic technology is that using devices such as the Hieronymus machines to “heal at a distance” appears to violate the laws of causality as defined by the Special Theory of Relativity. The transmission appears to be instantaneous regardless of distance, and is unaffected by limits such as the inverse square law that govern electromagnetism.

Popular Science explains:

It works by entangling two objects, like photons or ions. The first teleportation experiments involved beams of light. Once the objects are entangled, they’re connected by an invisible wave, like a thread or umbilical cord. That means when something is done to one object, it immediately happens to the other object, too. Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance.

Radionics researchers will immediately recognize the idea of a”thread” or “umbilical cord” connecting the particles of objects that were originally in contact with each other, for this is the basis by which a radionic witness (such as hair samples or even photographs) can be used to cause changes in the object from which it was taken.

Physical scientists have only succeeded in experiments with photons and other sub-atomic particles. But (with apologies to Professor Einstein) the phenomenon is real and measurable. Once relegated to a mathematical oddity only found in extremely tiny distances, quantum entanglement is on the verge of being a practical technology that could lead to communication devices (like the “ansible” of science fiction author Ursula K. LeGuinn) that transmit messages faster than light over any distance. Could a viable proof of eloptic energy effects be forthcoming in the near future?


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4 Responses to Quantum Teleportation

  1. Sorynzar says:

    I have always felt that Einsteins theory of relativity was fundamentally flawed. The constant cannot be the speed of light if the speed of light is not the absolute limit. In a sense the constant is infinite, and this we can see with limitless energy currently being tapped from vacuum energy research.

    It has long been thought that scalar waves were capable of going at faster than light speed, but engineers have only been able to achieve this when the transmitter coil and receiver coil are in direct sight of one another. Hopefully in the near future we will see advancements in this communication technology. I had a physics tutor who done part of her Phd with research into scalar fields. It is a shame, I was less clued up on the subject at the time, otherwise I’m sure I could have got some interesting information from her.

  2. Sorynzar says:

    re-reading this and with a clearer mindset the ability to link all atoms within the entire universe lies in string theory, the web of life as the Celts called it. Modern physics is only just catching up to ancient and intuitive knowledge. One theory which I find fascinating, and holds a lot of answers to Magick and the occult is M-theory, or Membrane theory. It postulates that our universe is a membrane, in the shape of a sphere surrounding hyperspace and suspended within the 11th Dimension. Multiple universes can exist, these parallel worlds could have completely different laws of physics to our own, anything is possible. When two universe come into close proximity to one another their resonance like two tuning forks creates a third harmonic “singing” into life a new universe which begins to expand with dark energy as our universe once did. The possibilities are amazing.

  3. SpeedacePink says:

    Really enjoying this website, and the comments Sorynzar! 🙂

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