Scanning and Balancing the Chakras with Radionics

“Chakras are energy centers that run from the base of your spine out the top, or crown, of your head. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel or disc. There are seven major chakras, each a circular wheel of light spinning in your energetic system, associated with certain body parts, a color, stone, element, and function. By learning to tune into the energy of your chakras, you can begin to embrace the fullness of who you truly are.”

“Life is energy, and the chakras are about energy. The universal life force circulates through us and brings us the experience of life. The chakras are the storehouses and transmitters of the universal energy, and each of the chakras represent distinct frequencies within the universal. The chakras interact with the electromagnetic energy field and transforms this into the energy that sustains our lives.” –  Chakras for Beginners: A Guide To Balancing Your Chakra Energies by David Pond

The free flow of aetheric energy through the chakras is the goal of many esoteric practices, not only those of the Hindu mysteries but many corresponding techniques in other cultures, such as the Meridians of Chinese Medicine and Middle Pillar Ritual of the Golden Dawn.

Since radionics devices are designed for the manipulation and balancing of aetheric energies, they can be very useful in facilitating this ancient process.

Hieronymus, Ray Mattioda and Ed Kelly (and others, I’m sure) have all developed and written procedures of balancing the chakras for use with their radionics machines. It is a similar process to the balancing of any other aspect of the Aetheric Body.

This process, developed by Ruth Drown and refined by Galen Hieronymus, involves two-stages: analyzing specific aspects of a subject’s aetheric energy state and then balancing those aspects that showed an imbalance. First a subject’s General Vitality (GV) Rate is measured, which establishes a baseline value to compare with subsequent readings of other Rates. Any Rates that show a gross deviation from the GV Rate are considered imbalanced.

Then those imbalanced aspects are treated, usually by setting the Rate dials to the targeted aspect and turning on the power to the transmission circuit for a predetermined length of time. The theory is that the transmission circuit sends aetheric energy in an “out-of-phase’ (reversed) pattern to the subject, which has the effect of canceling out the imbalances.

But there is also a technique of combining this two-step process into one procedure. It was hinted at in Hieronymus’s “Eloptic Medical Directory”, where it’s stated that even during the process of scanning, when the operator’s hand is removed from the stick-pad, the coil under it begins to transmit balancing energy to the subject.

Be that as it may, in most cases, it’s still better to complete all scans before commencing a balancing process, if only for the ease of filling out an analysis chart and making a proper record of rate readings in order.

Usually, a reading is taken by setting the Rate dials, and then turning the Intensity dial while rubbing the stick-pad until a stick reaction is felt. The number on the Intensity dial is noted, and that is considered the value reading for that Rate. Generally more than one stick reaction is noted, with the strongest being the designated the “correct” value.

At the Pantheacon convention in 2009, my friend and sometime-collaborator John Michael Greer and I led a workshop where we demonstrated the use of radionics for chakra energy work. But the procedure John and I used presents a somewhat different approach to the technique of radionic balancing.

The best analogy to describe it is to imagine that you’re clearing blockages in a system of water pipes by “pushing” pressure through them. Start turning the Intensity dial until you get a stick reaction, which is analogous to hitting a blockage in the pipes. Let it run at the Intensity for a few moments, then continue, turning the dial until another stick reaction is felt. Repeat this until your wind the Intensity dial all the way to 1000, which means you’ve “pushed the blockage” all the way out of the “pipe”.

To add to the experimental nature of this workshop, we had the entire group of a few dozen people join hands in a human circle, and turned into a group ritual of chakra balancing.

As John described it:

“Get everyone linked up in a circuit, with one end of the circuit connected to each pole of the machine. Set to “Neutralize,” and neutralize the circuit for 15 seconds; this is the equivalent of a banishing ritual. Then set to the root chakra frequency and run that, testing with the stick pad at intervals, until you get no remaining resistance. Go up one chakra at a time […] Take it all the way up to the crown. When you’ve cleared all the chakras, run the white light frequency, 12-22, and keep it going until the stick pad says there’s no blockage to the flow. Then have everyone drop their hands, and neutralize your machine — a good 30 seconds is probably wise.”

On the day of the workshop, we combined this procedure with a bit of musical art.

I play the theremin, and though I was still a beginner at the time, I was just competent enough to be able to make some interesting (and mostly in-tune) sounds with it, enough to play an accompaniment to some ambient electronic music, which provided a soundtrack to the ritual.

I also added an element of Psychotronics to it, by creating a graphic overlay that I placed over the theremin’s case, representing the components of a psionic device.

A music track was chosen to co-incide with each chakra. The pieces were loaded into a theatrical audio cue program (MacsCue) so each could be easily triggered in turn by just pushing the space bar on the laptop.

Hence playing the theremin became an act of psionic magic to enhance the ritual.

And finally, to provide a visual component, a wall-sized mural was placed where all could see it. It depicts the chakras as part of an Egyptian motif, arising from pyramids, with the twin serpents of the caduceus twinging around it, and the image of the sky goddess Nuit overarching it all.

This gave the participants something to visually contemplate during the ritual itself.

I can confidently say that the participants were suitably impressed.

Afterwards, we led a group discussion on what had just occurred. Many people reported being “tranced out” during the process, but that was to be expected. Most agreed they could “feel energy” passing through their hands from one person to the next. We were struck by how many people reported specific physical sensations associated with the charka that was being balanced. A woman reported that during the clearing of the brow (Anja) chakra, she felt a tingling sensation, as if insects were walking on her forehead. It was not unpleasant, just “weird”. Other reported feelings of pressure and “motion” around the chakra areas, and some other descriptions of “metallic tastes” and “perfume scents.”

All in all, I consider it a success. People felt energized, relaxed and “clear” afterwards.

We plan to re-create this Radionic Chakra Ritual at the next Pantheacon (2011), perhaps with other enhancements.


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14 Responses to Scanning and Balancing the Chakras with Radionics

  1. Romel Cordeiro says:

    Where can I get a stick pad for diagnosis? I saw someone using one time but I can find a place that sells it. I live in australia but I could order it.

  2. josephmax says:

    I’ve only seen one website advertizing external stick ads:

    But at $200US it’s a bit pricey.

    It’s not that hard to make one. Let me know if you’re interested in doing that and I’ll reply with some tips on how I made mine.

    (I just had hand surgery so it’s a bit hard to type today.)

  3. crying101 says:

    I am somewhat loss what are the two main dials set at when clearing the pipe so to speak for the chakras? You say you use the “intensity” until you get a stick all the way through I understand that but are you setting different settings on the main two potentiometers? I have the rate books and they have several different rates for the different chakra’s. Great experiment though.

    • josephmax says:

      OK, I see the confusion, I think.

      1. Set the Rate Dials (remember, the rate dials are attached to air capacitors, not potentiometers) for the charka. Start with the Intensity dial fully counter-clockwise (‘0’).

      2. Rub the stick plate while turning the Intensity dial (which *is* a potentiometer) clockwise until the first stick reaction is obtained. Stop.

      3. After a few moments, resume turning the Intensity dial, but leave the Rate dials where they are. Turn until another stick reaction is obtained. Stop. Repeat this step until the Intensity dial is ten-turns fully clockwise and stops. (‘1000’).

      4. Reset all dials to ‘0’.

      5. Go to step 1, repeat for each chakra in turn. I work from the “bottom up.”

      6. When all chakras are cleared, run 12-22 (White Light) for a few minutes with the Intensity on ‘0’.

      I hope this helps!

      • Roger says:

        how do i test basic gv on a 2 dial system ?
        where do i set the dials to find gv one set @ 9left & 49 right?
        then what ever you are testing on the other set of dials?

      • josephmax says:

        What kind of system are you using? I’ve not seen too many 2-dial devices that have no other controls. I could explain better if I knew what equipment you were using.

        The “General Vitality” reading is unique to Hieronymus Machines. All it’s telling you is a “baseline” reading of the life-force of the subject.

        There may be similar analysis settings on the more common “resistance dial” type machines (Delawarr, Copen, Welz, etc.) but the closest thing I can think of is maybe scanning for the Chakras.

        There are instructions for using a Hieronymus Machine to get GV readings that can be found on Bill Jensen’s website. See the bloglink list on the side of the main page here.

      • Roger says:

        kelly personal unit—— kelly personal unit

        it has an intensity dial with 4 dials or 2 banks

      • josephmax says:

        Hey, that’s an excellent machine, and Ed Kelly is great about technical support. You can get just about all the info you need from the KRT website.

        Here’s the manuals for your Machine:

        Download the two PDF e-books there and you’ll have everything you could possibly need to operate your Machine.

        Also, Bill Jensen has a good “intro to the Hieronymus Machine” instruction manual on line:

        The only difference with having two banks on the Machine is that you can transmit two Rate settings to one subject simultaneously. It’s possible to add additional Banks in an outboard box, and Lightning Radionics builds add-ons like that (or used to anyway.)

        So for example, you could treat a garden’s soil using Rates for two imbalances at the same time. Basically, it just saves time, to do two at once.

        But, you should have switches on your Machine to turn the Banks on or off. So if you are taking a General Vitality reading, you turn Bank B off and use only the dials on Bank A to set the Rates for GV (9-49.)

  4. Dennis says:

    I have a question all of my old Hieronymus manuals say a baseline GV rate is anywhere from 500-600…My question is what is the scale of this measurement 500 of what? My next question is has the baseline rate for GV gone up over the years if so where are todays practitioners using as a baseline because in all the Hieronymus manuals everything is based of the GV without knowing a general baseline how can we proceed? The SE-5 goes by % you start from 100 and rub the pad and turn the dial until you get a % of your GV health and I am sure Don Paris has a formula he uses to determine where the other organ rates should be in comparison to the % GV identified but Hieronymus uses this 600 GV value and basis all of readings off this. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • josephmax says:

      As I’m fond of saying, not only do you tune your radionics device to yourself, you tune yourself to your radionics device. How is a “general baseline” useful if every organism generates it’s own baseline?

      The Intensity dial is simply calibrated from 0-1000. Calling it a “measurement” of something is as meaningless as asking what a Volume control on an amplifier “measures”. It’s not a measurement setting, it’s a relative intensity setting, like a volume control. Does it matter if a volume knob is marked in increments from 0-10, or if “this one goes to eleven”, as does Nigel’s guitar amp in the movie “Spinal Tap”?

      Remember, the operator is an integral component in the overall system. A Hieronymus Machine cannot operate without a human “interfaced” with it. When you first analyze something with a Hieronymus Machine, you set the Rates for GV and find the Intensity reading. What is “normal” will vary depending on the operator. So I might measure a GV of “495” for a plant clipping, and you might get “423” or “546” for the same clipping. Both our readings are equally valid.

      What you’re doing is amplifying the eloptic emanations of the witness sample until it generates a signal of enough power that YOUR nerves can detect it. Experience has shown that with a generally healthy organism this almost always results in an Intensity reading of between 400 and 600. That’s as “universal” as it gets. It will be different for every organism. Even the same organism may read differently at different times. There is no “universal baseline.”

      The readings are relational, not absolute. When you take a GV reading for a given organism at a given time, the result is your baseline for that given session. All other subsequent readings for that session are compared to that baseline reading, and should fall within +/- 50 of the GV reading if that organ or condition is in balance. If you do it again the next day, you start over from scratch and take a new GV reading for that day, and then the readings for organs, or for conditions, are compared to that GV reading on that day.

      Does this make sense?

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