Heironymus Machine Mark II

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest build – a Hieronymus Machine being built for a client.

First stage construction is complete: the electronics are fully functioning.

More to follow…


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3 Responses to Heironymus Machine Mark II

  1. Mike says:

    Hello Joseph!

    I was wondering if this is the 2 bank version mentioned in the Barkana Path forum on October 14th? The reason for asking is I am trying to build a H Device using your drawing posted on September 23 using the 2N1305 transistors and the clockwise air caps mentioned. This would be a first attempt at making a device as you convinced me that to get the full effect one must do the building. I would love to build a two bank version but not sure how. My plan was to build one to see if it worked, then build a second one and somehow tie the two together. The only creative twist I’d add would be to have a separate stick plate module with orgone elements. My instinct is to keep electric circuits and orgone separate. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for listening and for the inspiration.

    • josephmax says:

      No, the panel in the photo is a single bank machine, but a two-bank is fairly simple. The second bank is wired in parallel to the first – IOW, you “Y” the wiring going in to and out of the banks. If you want to make a “modular” system, then build in jacks wired in parallel to the internal bank so you can plug in a second bank. What I would NOT do is “wire” two complete machines together. Just build a second bank of tuning caps in a separate box, with jacks to connect to the main machine.

      In the Steampunk Hieronymus Machine, I installed a third pair of terminals (labelled “Loop”) that are wired in parallel to the built-in stick pad, so I can use a second “outboard” stick pad as needed. In my DelaWarr Nine-Dial, the stick pad is external and connected to the device with jacks. You could do the same with your orgone-enhanced stick pad. In fact, check this out:


      The “Rogers Radionic Instrument”, one of the first makers to build Hieronymus Machines after the good Doctor H, built them as modular systems. Notice that the witness well and the stick pad are both external to the main device, which only houses the tuning banks and the intensity dial. I think the Rogers design is a good template for what you want to do.

      Good luck with your build, and post some photos to Berkana Path when it’s done!

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you Joseph, you are my hero! I will post on Berkana Path forum as the project moves forward. We will make the world better, one box at a time.

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